myhive bees

The first honey harvest of our myhive bees!



Dear myhive community,

no matter if hobby beekeeper or our diligent city apiarists – everyone is looking forward to the highlight in June/July: The honey harvest of our myhive bees. When the golden yellow reward of all the work done flows out of the centrifuge and you end up producing delicious honey – this is motivating.

No sooner said than done, the combs of our myhive bee colonies were sighted and the delicious, golden yellow honey was harvested. Now we start skidding so that we can feast on delicious myhive blossom honey in a few weeks. Whether at breakfast or occasionally.

Honey stands for healthy bee colonies, good care by our experienced city beekeepers, the suitable location, such as the myhive Twin Towers and the Wienerberg recreation area and many other criteria. But how exactly does such a honey harvest actually work?

First, our myhive bees are lured into the dark, rear part of the tub half, where they gather and observe the event from a safe distance. This is followed by a visual inspection in which a first honeycomb is removed from the honey room and evaluated to see if it is full and capped. The full honeycombs are swept and put into the transport container, the honeycombs with open honey cells are tested for suitability. After all full and suitable combs have been removed, the honey frames are filled with empty combs. And the myhive bees are provided with food. Therefore, the busy myhive bees can continue their work right away.

Like our smallest com

unity members, we enjoy the warm season and strengthen ourselves in the warm rays of the sun to go to work with diligence and full motivation. We are fascinated by the performance of these little animals and are already looking forward to the delicious myhive blossom honey.

Your community manager
Julia Dobbler