myhive and the Kultursommer Wien events

Sunrise every evening on the Wienerberg ­čśŐ

This year, Vienna is repeating one of the success stories from 2020: the Wiener Kultursommer (Vienna Summer of Culture). myhive is a proud part of it – and highly visible. Because as part of the city-wide advertising campaign, one of the Twin Towers on the Wienerberg will become a "screen" onto which the logo of the Summer of Culture (a shining sun) will be projected every evening.

From June 22nd to July 3rd, the projection under the motto "Vienna turns up" can be marveled at from 10 p.m. (ending at 1 a.m.), namely on the south side of Tower B, which can be seen particularly well from Triester Straße. The façade is being made available free of charge for this purpose, not least because we think the cause and the idea behind the Vienna Summer of Culture are simply cool:

All over Vienna, cultural summer highlights are offered by around 1,000 acts of the most diverse genres at the most diverse event locations: Dance and performance, theater, cabaret, comedy and impro theater, readings, spoken word and poetry slam, transcultural, participatory and interdisciplinary formats, contemporary circus, figure and object theater, jazz, folk and songwriting, electronic and experimental music, Austropop, Wiener Lied, folk music and Schlager.

All information available at https://kultursommerwien.at/

Yours, Jasmina