myhive am Wienerberg becomes a beehive - with busy bees

We are delighted to welcome 5 bee colonies back at myhive am Wienerberg.

Dear myhive community,

We have started a new cooperation with beekeeper Thomas Zelenka and are delighted to welcome 5 bee colonies back at myhive am Wienerberg.

Honey from the city - with particularly high quality!

Parks, roof terraces, avenues, large and small gardens with flower borders are a paradise for the small colonies. They fly over various flowering plants in the Wienerberg recreation area, which offers a wide range of different plants, shrubs and trees. The recreation area is entirely designated as a landscape conservation area and the Wienerbergteich pond is surrounded by a wide variety of flora and fauna. The city's climate, which is on average two to three degrees Celsius warmer, is an advantage for bees as warmth-loving animals; they are on the move earlier in spring and longer in fall, and their food ranges from snowdrops in spring to goldenrod in November.

City honey has no residues, which means that it has never been found to be contaminated with particulate matter or pollutants. It is of particularly high quality and is considered especially aromatic compared to honey from monocultures due to the diverse pollen mixture.

For all those who didn't know: we derived the name myhive from the beehive, as they not only work diligently in their honeycombs, but also feel completely at home there and are a prime example of modern business. This is precisely why these hard-working role models should also have a place in our myhive community.

You can find more information here.

We are looking forward to the new cooperation and that we can offer the bees a beautiful new home in the feel-good ambience of myhive am Wienerberg.

Your myhive Community & Operations Management Team,

Julia Dobbler, Jana Warnecke and Carlos Camacho