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Why you should take the stairs in the future!

“Have you been to the gym today?"

By the additional effort of climbing stairs, you can replace a longer cardio training in the gym.  Climbing stairs is an efficient training that requires little time and no additional equipment. That's why researchers at the University of Manchester recommend short, intensive stair climbing during daily routines - an effort of about 30 minutes per week.


"You don't have to sweat to strengthen your heart!"

We often think of cardio as a workout where you must run and work out for multiple hours. But in fact, you don't need to sweat to strengthen your heart. 10 minutes of stair climbing has the same effect as running for 30 minutes at a time. The only important thing is that the activity is carried out regularly. So, the simple decision to take the stairs to your office, apartment, or mall can help prevent future heart problems, relieve stress, and just make you feel fitter.


"The road is the goal."

Of course, climbing stairs can be a way to get to the office every day without hopping into the elevator. But if you've found a tempo where you don't reach your floor out of breath, there are some ways to keep pushing!

The easiest - and most obvious - way to do this would be to increase the speed and climb the stairs faster than usual.

A less obvious way would be to always take two steps at a time. It's even a harder workout, covered in fewer steps. 😉


"Let your body do the talking."

Speaking of workout: Several muscle groups are trained on the stairway.

And even better: you not only build muscles, but also stabilize your knee and ankle joints at the same time.


"Learn to walk!"

Just like walking and running, the right posture and foot position can help you build up strength evenly - and at the same time prevent injuries.

Try to push down through the heel; many people lift up through their toes and overload their knees. If you focus on pushing down through the heel, the likelihood of a knee bend is much lower, and you even train both sides of your leg.


Step out of the elevator. Jump on the stairs! And let's go!