Expert Breakfast on 14th June

Dr. Gerald Passath of KICK OFF showed us the “human side” of change and transformation processes.


Expert Breakfast on 14th June

Dear myhive community,

at our latest Expert Breakfast on June 14, 2018, Dr. Gerald Passath of KICK OFF showed us the “human side” of change and transformation processes.

The main topics of this exciting lecture have been the differences between idealizing beliefs and reality. Moreover, he discussed which obstacles within the processes could happen, what critical success factors could exist and how those can be avoided with hands-on solutions. Another important point mentioned is the focus on communication, cooperation and the right leadership within those change processes.

The expert is a long-time consultant and senior project manager at KICK OFF. As a person both affected by and steering change processes, he will provide his experience from the perspectives of an employee, a manager, an internal change leader and a consultant.

If you have any questions concerning the presentation or would like a personal discussion with our speaker, you are welcome to contact Dr. Passath via

In addition, the company currently offers two exciting training courses that we do not want to deny you:

Training as a certified business coach

The role as a coach is very diverse. The large number of coaches available on the market shows that the demand for this profession has grown steadily. The very high demand in higher management positions, in which honest feedback is often missing, often make the coach necessary as a sparring partner or mentor.

Further training as an executive coach

This is a further training course that KICK OFF has developed especially for coaches, consultants, trainers and people who are entrusted with challenging management tasks. In a compact, 3-module format, it goes quickly into depth. Each module is led by two experienced executive coaches. A true masterpiece for all those who want to lead their coaching practice to mastery!

Our next Expert Breakfast will take place in autumn 2018. With the last events in June, our event series go into the well-deserved summer break. Look forward to exciting lectures and special highlights in autumn. You can find more information about this on our website, on the Facebook community and via app and newsletter.

Your Community Manager
Julia Dobbler