Expert Breakfast on 13th September

Excellent communication in an international environment - the Expert Breakfast in September


Expert Breakfast on 13th September

Dear myhive community,

Our Expert Breakfast on September 13 celebrates the comeback from the well-deserved summer break with the topic "The right word in the right place - excellent communication in an international environment".

Chris Fuchs, expert in intercultural management at KICK OFF Management Consulting GmbH, informed the numerous visitors about different paradoxes and the appropriate approach in different cultures. Questions such as "Am I stuck in traffic jams or am I the traffic jam?" provided initial insights into the broad spectrum of cultural and value-oriented diversity.

First of all, we clarified the questions of what culture actually is and if the reputation ultimately promotes a career. There are four cultural dimensions, two of them were tested live at the Expert Breakfast.

While Austrians tend to cultivate a purchasing culture and thus do not want to get anything sold, North Americans are anchored in a sales culture. For them arguments and very anxious and committed salespeople are self-evident. Why is that? Those countries, which have a purchasing culture are focused on avoiding mistakes and including the past. In a sales culture, however, future and success are crucial.

Why these cultural differences are so important, what needs to be considered and how communication in an international environment really works - Chris Fuchs has given us a first, very revealing insight.

Your Community Manager

Julia Dobbler