Expert Breakfast in September

MBA Christian Bacher, CEO of the Smart Engine Group - "Cyber Security: Threats and Opportunities"

Dear myhive community,
Also in September we organized another Expert Breakfast for you - informative and instructive as always.
On September 12, 2019, in the feel-good atmosphere of the myhive Lounge, there will be a rich breakfast and the following topic: Cyber Security: Threats and Opportunities. Is your data secure? Do you provide your company with sufficient security in the digital world?
In times of digitalization, the number of cyber-attacks is increasing dramatically. Three quarters of all businesses have been victims of cybercriminals. But how can you minimize the risk to your business and when is cyber security important and useful? Christian Bacher, MBA, is dedicated to the sensitive topic of cyber security and will share his thoughts in an exciting and discussion-rich lecture.
MBA Christian Bacher, is CEO of the Smart Engine Group and founder and CEO of JAROONA. He brings with him 30 years of project experience in software development and IT solutions.
The Smart Engine Group (founded in 2011) provides technology services to leading financial institutions and retailers in Europe, Russia and Asia. Christian Bacher founded Jaroona in 2018. Jaroona Enterprise Application Security (JEAS) is a Web 3.0 SAST tool that uses artificial intelligence to automatically detect and fix security vulnerabilities in program codes.
Details of the breakfast in September
  • 08.00 Welcome - a rich breakfast buffet awaits you before and after the speech
  • 08.30 keynote speech Christian Bacher, MBA
  • 09.10 Q&A / Discussion
  • 10.00 Expert Breakfast end
Please register until September 11, 2019 with just a few clicks via myhive-offices App.
We are looking forward to your participation and the joint, strengthened start to the working day.
Your Community Manager
Julia Dobbler
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