Expert Breakfast in February

Michael Dinhobl, Managing Partner von KICK OFF - Red Bull Wingfinder

At our first breakfast with added value in 2020, we immersed ourselves in an exciting topic: the somewhat different personality analysis with the Red Bull Wingfinder.

On February 13, 2020, at a rich breakfast in the feel-good atmosphere of the myhive Lounge, we picked up the visitors with insights into their self-image and how others see them. Michael Dinhobl, Managing Partner of KICK OFF, as a management consultant and trainer, is confronted daily with analyzing personalities and getting the best out of his clients.

But what are key factors for talent? Although there are countless studies and approaches as well as numerous testing opportunities on the Internet, this question is not easy to answer. The fact is that smarter, more committed and team-oriented people find jobs more easily. If you analyze your personality using predefined questions from different providers, you will learn a lot about your self-image. But what about the image of others?

With the Red Bull Wingfinder, interested parties have a completely new tool for identifying and exploiting their own career potential. The basic version is free of charge, a detailed evaluation and interpretation of the results is available in a personal consultation with KICK OFF.

KICK OFF management Consulting is a consulting firm, which acts for over 20 years at the market and for meanwhile over 2 years in myhive at the Viennese mountain sits.

Try it out and learn more about your self-image and external view.

Please find enclosed the presentation for your further use.