Expert Breakfast in April

Sebastian Körber - 100% Authenticity. The success characteristic ... or impossible in business?

Dear myhive community,
there is more and more talk about the importance of authenticity in business. Is this possible or even unwise to be genuine? If so, under what circumstances?
The next Expert Breakfast will take place on April 18, 2019 in the feel-good atmosphere of the myhive Lounge with the following topic: 100% authenticity - the success characteristic ... or impossible in business?
Sebastian Körber - long-standing trainer and coach in executive development, change management and entrepreneurship - will clarify at the next breakfast what is smart and leads to success in business.
He is a driven man who works and lives half the year in Latin America. After he had completed the study of clinical psychology, he went on the search for its personal (pain) borders. He has worked in a Peruvian prison and with guerrillas in Colombia.
A typical Sebastian Körber talk awaits you, peppered with provocation, humor and full of excitement.
Schedule of the Expert Breakfast in April:
  • 08.00 Welcome - a rich breakfast buffet awaits you before and after the speech
  • 08.30 Keynote Speech Sebastian Körber
  • 09.10 Q&A / Discussion
  • 10.00 Expert Breakfast end
Please register until April 17, 2019 with just a few clicks via myhive-offices App.
We are looking forward to your participation and the joint, strengthened start to the working day.
Your Community Manager
Julia Dobbler
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