Expert Breakfast: De-stressing – ways to gain energy in the daily business routine

On 15th March our next Expert Breakfast will take place at myhive Lounge.

Expert Breakfast:

De-stressing – ways to gain energy in the daily business routine

"Dear myhive Community,

regular de-stressing improves health and performance. At our next Expert Breakfast on March 15th, 2018, AUMAIER & Partner Coaching Gmbh will show you how to do it and what its benefits are: De-stressing – ways to gain energy in the daily business routine.

During an abundant breakfast, Veronika Aumaier and Ulrike Kriener of AUMAIER & Partner Coaching GmbH at the myhive Twin Towers will talk about the topic of stress at work. With coaching techniques, Aumaier supports people with demanding tasks in their leadership and expert functions in executive and strategic daily work and in various situations.

When you de-stress during the day, this will mobilize energy reservoirs and give new power for all challenges. The inclination to stress is an individual trait and depends on physical and mental factors.

At the Expert Breakfast in March, you will learn how to de-stress during a day at the office without investing much time, and how to use de-stressing exercises to enhance your personal performance. A guided mental journey will help to recharge your batteries in a few minutes. Done regularly, this will help to stay healthy and productive.

Schedule of Expert Breakfast on March 15th, 2018:
• 8 a.m. Reception – before and after the speech, an abundant breakfast buffet is waiting for you
• 8.30 a.m. Keynote Speech by Ulrike Kriener and Veronika Aumaier of AUMAIER & Partner Coaching GmbH
• 9.10 a.m. Q&A session
• 10 a.m. End of Expert Breakfast

Please register until March 14th, 2018, at or using our myhive-offices App.

We look forward to your participation and a powerful start into the work day.

A quick recommendation:

De-stressing at lunch break for a healthy physical and mental condition!

At today’s lunch break, go for a delight snack and a following walk in the fresh air. Take much slower and deeper breaths. Keep in mind with every breath that the fresh air provides energy and drive for the afternoon. Pressure and tension will be flowing out of your lungs. Get afternoon’s incidents in your mind's eye and envision this time with ease and fun.

Which event will be a real pleasure for you and which colleague do you look forward to seeing? Get the end of the day in mind positively and see yourself walking home with satisfaction. Get surprised how this little task affects your mood and attitude.

Your Community Manager
Julia Jacobs"