Bus line 7B

Statement Wiener Linien regarding current delays.


Bus line 7B

Dear myhive Community,

many of our community members use the 7B bus service almost daily and want to get from A to B quickly. That is why we asked Wiener Linien why there are currently impairments on the mentioned bus line and why the myhive community has to expect delays.

On bus line 7B, there are current delays for the following reasons:
Construction work on Wienerbergstrasse - Am Europlatz
Construction work on Wienerbergstraße - Eibesbrunnergasse
Construction work on Wienerbergstraße - in the South Health Centre area
Police changed traffic light transit times Wienerbergstraße # Pottendorfer Straße
Heavy traffic at peak times and congestion caused by the points mentioned above
Unfortunately, all these events are outside the Wiener Linien’s sphere of influence.

On Thursday, September 13, the traffic in the greater Vienna area collapsed completely in the afternoon and also the Wienerbergstraße area was massively affected. All public lines were affected by this and long delays were caused.

The area around Wienerbergstraße is sufficiently supplied. In addition to the bus line 7B, lines 7A, 15A and 65A also run here at adequately frequent intervals.

Line 15A is particularly busy and is regarded as main connection. In comparison, line 7B is a subordinate line. Irrespective of this, line 15A also offers the possibility to get to Wienerberg City.

In agreement with all the relevant magistrate departments and the police, we are working at high pressure to solve the problem. With the completion of the construction site at Europlatz, the traffic situation will certainly improve. Therefore, Wiener Linien kindly ask for your understanding.

We hope that the above-mentioned problem solution will be implemented quickly and that the myhive community will be able to use the usual transport times again, soon.

Your community manager
Julia Dobbler