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Solution-oriented Coaching Approach by Aumaier - Diploma Programme Business Coach.Basic.


Aumaier Consulting I Training GmbH

Dear myhive community,

agile organizational structures need solution-oriented managerial behavior, because executive’s priority is no longer managing the details but setting the framework. Therefore, a systematic solution-oriented attitude – as it is necessary for a coach – is helpful and useful.

AUMAIER CONSULTING I TRAINING GmbH starts the Diploma Programme Business Coach.Basic on 17 and 18 May 2018, which is tailored for managers and is organized in small groups (4-6 participants).

Solution-oriented coaching attitude, coaching techniques and coaching methods support managers in the role of a developer and promoter and leave enough space for self-organization and personal responsibility.

More details on the offer are available on the website.

Your community manager
Julia Jacobs