6 ways to organize your Desktop

Don´t we all do that? Any document or link, that we don't immediately know where to put it, will be saved on the desktop. 

Don´t we all do that? Any document or link, that we don't immediately know where to put it, will be saved on the desktop. Result: The desktop becomes confusing and full of it. With these 6 tips you can clear out your desktop!

1. Find out what you really need

First, take inventory of the apps that are most important for you. You might have three or four that you use on a daily basis, or certain software’s that provide the all functions needed. 

2. Delete or tuck away what you don't use weekly

In the next step you´ll need to find out what you really use on a regular basis.  If you can't remember the last time you needed this file or software, uninstall it. If you can't imagine a scenario for which you'll need a specific file for, delete it. If it seems like it might be unnecessary but you're struggling with the decision, create a folder where you can store these rarely accessed files. 

3. Create a system of folders and subfolders

Try to keep every file on your computer an organized system of folders and subfolders. You should have a handful of "main" folders (like Documents, Artwork, or Templates), and several subfolders (like Photos, Text, Clients, etc.) within those main folders. 

4. Customize your background

If you want your desktop to be even more organized, consider dividing your background in clear sections. You might want to use the left side of your screen for your "most used apps" and the right side for "frequently accessed files “, and assign each section a specific color. 

5. Sort new content intermediately

It's tempting to save new files onto your desktop randomly when you're in a rush, but if you want to stay organized, you need to take the extra time to keep everything in order. It takes only a few minutes, but I will save you a lot more minutes in the future.    

6. Schedule a cleaning session

Schedule a regular cleaning session to keep your desktop organized. Once your desktop is sufficiently organized, you'll find it much easier to find what you're looking for, and you might even feel better when opening your computer in the morning. It might take an investment of time to get organized, but the end results are worth it.