5x2 VIP Tickets Beachvolleyball World Tour

Experience the Beachvolleyball World Tour on June 16th with our myhive-offices app and enjoy all benefits of the VIP's package!


5x2 VIP Tickets Beachvolleyball World Tour

Dear myhive community,

you want to see the Volleyball World Tour live at the Strandbad Baden on 16 June and enjoy all advantages of the VIP's package during the whole day?

Now you have the chance to get two of the limited VIP's tickets. These contain the day entry for the event zone and side courts at the Strandbad Baden as well as the exclusive entry to the Beach Lounge including an extensive refreshment bar.

How do you get your tickets? Participate with a few clicks and quickly in the myhive-offices app. The raffle occurs after first-come-first-serve-principle and the tickets are limited on 5x 2 pieces.
We wish a lot of luck and a thrilling game full of pleasure.

Your community manager
Julia Dobbler