200 Minutes Christmas Party

More than 400 guests celebrated our 200minutes X-Mas Party on 28 November 2019.

Dear myhive Community,
Delicious mulled wine, fruity punch and the scent of fir branches and cinnamon aroused the anticipation of the most contemplative time of the year - with more than 400 guests at our 200minutes X-Mas Party on 28 November 2019.
And because the 200minutes in November are also the last in 2019, a mirror box invited colleagues to take souvenir photos of 2019. Memories of the successful year 2019 should be captured.
We are very pleased that the last 200minutes Afterwork Event was also the most visited - with 400 guests we broke the record. With this in mind, we wish our myhive community a relaxed Advent season and are already looking forward to the coming year 2020 and many more afterwork events.
You can find all pictures under following link.
Your Community Manager
Julia Dobbler